Saturday 15 July 2017

Master's Dissertation Title Page Example Template

Master's Thesis Title Page Example Template

The first few pages of your dissertation need to give a lot of technical information about your study. These pages are used by administrators, by your college or university library, and by any readers who search for research like yours in order to understand the details of your study and to categorize it within databases.

You can download a template for the title page by clicking one of the links below. The sample has highlighted all of the information which you need to include. Delete the yellow highlighted sections and type in your own information. 

The title page has to contain the following information:
·         Your full name
·         The full title of your dissertation
·         Your university or college department’s details – the name of your institution, emblem and department name, as well as the faculty or school your department forms part of
·         The name of your supervisor/ promoter and their rank or title
·         Whether your dissertation is in partial fulfillment of your degree, or whether it is in fulfillment of the degree. If you’re required to also do coursework, extra assignments or community interaction as part of your degree requirements, your dissertation is in partial fulfillment of your degree. Indicate this before your degree name.

·         The full and correct name of your instructional program (eg. Philosophiae doctor, Magister Technologiae, etc). Find these titles on your department guide or registration information at your institution. Your proof of registration should contain the full name of the degree. Make sure it’s correct.

Make sure that you include all of the information and double check that everything is precisely correct.

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