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Academic writing and research can be very challenging. If you're working on an essay or a thesis, often it's hard to know where to start and what you should be doing. All of these obstacles are made even more difficult when you struggle with aspects like your confidence, motivation, mental health, tenacity or writing ability. If any of these areas are in need of work, you could find your research even more daunting and the journey could be especially difficult.

If you're a college student or you're writing a master's or doctoral thesis, it's useful to know your academic strengths and challenges so that you can be prepared for any stumbling blocks you'll face along the way. The Academic and Thesis Readiness Quiz will ask you a few simple questions to identify your unique scores in each of the 10 core components that are essential to academic success. Once you submit the quiz, the team at Academic Coaching will compile a detailed report on all of your strengths and challenges when you're writing an essay or dissertation.

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The report will list your three main strengths and the three areas where you have the most room for growth. You'll get graphs showing how your various skills compare to one another. You'll also get the key features of why your score is as high or low as it is in every area. In addition, you'll get a list of personalized guidelines for improving your abilities for each of the 10 core components, and links to resources that can help you. 

Finally, the report looks at all of the different elements of academic writing, and tells you what your challenges might be in that area based on the answers you provided in your quiz. 

The report is a very useful assessment tool, and it can make all of the difference in your academic pursuits. You'll get a free report, highlighting your main strength and challenge and your "Ready for Success" level, if you complete the quiz. Click the link below to be taken directly to the quiz and learn about your strengths and challenges today!

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