About the Coaches

Grant Andrews, PhD

Grant has a PhD in English literature, and has been a lecturer and tutor for almost nine years. He is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at Stellenbosch University.

He teaches academic reading and writing skills and is an accomplished editor and writer.

His coaching expertise includes: 
  • Paragraphing and Sentence Structure
  • Writing in the academic register
  • How to formulate a thesis statement
  • Coherence of arguments
  • Research skills

Malan van der Walt

Malan is currently pursuing the professional degree of a Master's in Educational Psychology. He has been a counselor and mediator to students for many years as a member of the Center for Student Counseling and Development at Stellenbosch University.

He is also a writer, researcher and businessperson.

His coaching expertise includes:
  • Academic and personal counseling
  • Time management and study skills
  • Training and facilitation
  • Writing skills
  • Workshops and writing marathon facilitation
  • Online content management