Wednesday 19 July 2017

How to Unlock Your Potential

How to Unlock Your Potential

Most people dream of being successful and want to live fuller, happier, bigger lives. We dream of being in control of our own time, doing things we really love and never being held back in life. We all want to be the best that we can possibly be and make our dreams come true.

We’ve seen many people reach the heights of human potential. There are people out there living lives that we wish we could emulate and doing things that we admire. But for many of us, it’s a struggle to live up to what we really want in life. Not many people actually reach their potential.

You might be putting yourself down, thinking that there is something different about you that makes it impossible for you to do the types of things that these people are doing. You might think that you simply don’t have as much raw talent, drive or determination as it would take to live the life of your dreams. You might find all kinds of excuses for why you can’t go after the things you want to do. 

Maybe you think you’re not smart enough, attractive enough, or rich enough to be successful. Maybe you’ve been told these types of things your entire life and you’ve started to believe them.

But the truth is that there is nothing that can prevent you from being successful. Wildly successful people have come from all walks of life. It might be harder for some people than it is for others, for example, it’s harder for someone who is born poor to become an astronaut. But it’s not impossible, and it’s happened before. Telling yourself that you are destined for failure is the surest way to find failure. Just like everyone else, you are capable of incredible success.

Take one example of someone overcoming their circumstances. José M. Hernández was the son of very poor farmworkers in California, and worked the farms as a child. He only learned to speak English at the age of 12, and participated in the Upword Bound program which helps educationally disadvantaged youth prepare for college. He applied himself at college and became an engineer for NASA despite his disadvantaged background. He worked diligently until he was selected for his first space mission in 2008. When the mission launched, he became the first person to use the Spanish language in space through a tweet. Mr. Hernández did not allow himself to be held back by his circumstances and went after his dreams. He is only one of many people who overcame incredible odds to make his life a success.

He could have given up on his dreams. He certainly had enough excuses to. He was not a likely candidate for the level of success he achieved. But he went after what he wanted, and he far exceeded what most people would have expected from him as a child.

There is nothing that is holding you back from living your best life. Even though you might have obstacles along the way, if you think that it’s impossible for you to be an incredible success, you’re simply wrong. It’s possible, and other people are doing it every day, right now as you’re reading this, despite the challenges they face. They are not letting their circumstances dictate what they make of their lives.

Think about it – if you’re struggling to reach your potential, what really separates you from the people who are incredibly successful? What separates you from the billionaire who took his own small company to massive success? What makes you any different form the superstar musician whose music is listened to by millions around the world?

The answer is, they followed a certain recipe for success. Most of them faced rejection, criticism, seemingly impossible obstacles and even a lot of failure, but they didn’t stop. They knew what they wanted, and they found ways to make it happen.

A lot of these people have written or spoken about their journeys towards success. These stories show particular trends that you can study in order to make your life a success as well. Even if you feel like you’re on the right path to where you want to be, studying the tips for success which these leaders can offer can be a very powerful way to remind yourself that success is within your reach. You just have to go for it.

In this book many of the strategies for success will be shared. There will also be a few case studies to show you how successful people achieved what they did.

The most important thing to remember is that you have an incredible amount of potential to do great things with your life. More than you can even know. The only way to realize that potential is to be persistent and to keep moving higher and higher until you achieve that dream that you might have thought was impossible.

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